Day 77: Exams and Our Movie Screening

We wrote the Business/Economics and Media exams in our favourite climate controlled room. One by one, the students completed the work for the course. They walked out of the room and into the sunny day, grinning.

We did it.

Right after the last answer, each student headed down to the beach for a photoshoot. Smiles were easy to come by.

After dinner, we arranged a screening of our movies by synching the playback on our laptops. As a family, we watched 23 documentaries, one about each student, re-living the trip and exploring everyone’s inner thoughts. Athena and Sydney even surprised the teachers by editing a special doc for them.

Night fell and it seemed like the perfect timing to announce a sleep in. But we didn’t. We asked the class to be up at 8:30am for a group surprise.

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