Day 78: The Fiji Life and Graduation

It’s been a busy final week of ISU interviews and two days of exams but WE MADE IT! Today has been a day of relaxation. We are finally able to enjoy the tempo of life that our resort demands. It’s all lounging at waterfalls, kayaking, card playing and laughing from here on in. Lagoon life is goood. Every night we’ve been saying our goodbyes in chapters. Last night, we watched a documentary about each individual student on the trip -a culminating media assignment that was well worth it. Today, we enjoy each other’s company knowing this will be the last time that we are all together as an Mei Fall Semester Family.

What did we do today? Our final, open day together?

Waterfall: we took a trip to a gorgeous local waterfall to jump around and play in a gorgeous Fijian.

Clothing Swap: we held a fun meeting in the teacher rooms where everyone brought the old clothes and travel supplies that they didn’t plan on bringing home.

Dress Up Dinner: we’ve been carrying around dresses for three month with little excuse to wear them. Tonight, we went all out for our family dinner.

Graduation Ceremony. First, we gave out awards.

  • English Award: Nisey
  • Business Award: Sam
  • World Issues Award: Ella
  • Media award: Yale and Sydney

Next we had our ceremony where each student received a Fijian necklace, congratulations, and classic handshake for completing the problem. And then we had our final address from Yvee who was voted by her peers as Class Valedictorian. She read a poem, reflecting on our journey together.

To close the ceremony, we gave Mei Academy hats to the students who have completed high school and wouldn’t be coming back. The hot toss in the air closed our ceremony.

Final Podcast. We changed into comfy clothes for our final chance to sit down, share our poetry, music, rants, stories, and thoughts. It was an emotional night of new friends saying goodbye. A night we had made from the support we showed each other throughout these three months.

We’re excited to come home and see our families. But we also know how deeply we will miss the family that we made together.


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