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Design an Education Itinerary That Works for You

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Why take an MEI program?

Our programs are designed to offer students academic courses in ideal locations, matched with complementary subject matter, at the perfect time of year. Students have the opportunity to complete one or two academic courses during the summer session, and three or four academic courses during the spring or fall sessions. Students find that having completed academic courses prior to their senior year of high school improves their chances for early acceptance to university and prepares them for the rigors of life away from home. Departure dates accommodate regular school exam schedules and major holidays so that students can return home for winter break and/or graduation.

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How it Works

Students have the option of combining our summer courses with our 50–day trimester or 80–day semester programs. (Note: this does not include pre-departure academic work.) Students are afforded the freedom to design an academic travel itinerary that fits their schedule. What better way to complete your high school career than to receive a REAL Education in the best places in the world? For assistance in choosing your courses and finalizing your travel schedule, please contact our teaching staff at MEI Academy.


Choose Your Program(s)

MEI offers 14 exciting summer programs, 2 full semester programs, 4 trimester programs, and 1 ‘Big Year’ program. Students can choose an option from Summer, Trimester or Semester programs, or combine them in any order to make their own custom education plan. 


Talk to Your Counselor

Your guidance counselor/college and career practitioner will be able to tell you how easily credits are transferred. All MEI courses are Ontario Ministry of Education courses that are accredited through the Upper Grand District School Board in Ontario, Canada. All course curriculum can be viewed online.


Attend an Info Meeting

Information meetings are a great way to find out more about individual programs, or to ask questions you might have about MEI. Frequent information meetings and webinars occur but require an RSVP. Click here to see dates and times in locations near you.

Additional Information

University Counselors

MEI staff will assist students who are applying to universities to ensure a smooth application process. We have an experienced guidance counselor available to guide students through the application process and navigating through the Common Application, counselor reports, and other postsecondary planning.

Course Accreditation and Curriculum

Ontario Accreditation:

Students receive Ontario Ministry of Education credit(s) through the Upper Grand District School Board.

Equivalency Accreditation for students outside of Ontario:

MEI will submit documentation to a student’s home school in order to verify an equivalency between Ontario curriculum and the student’s provincial/state curriculum.

Math and Science Courses

Students who require a math or science course for graduation can enroll in online credits during the intersession through MEI Academy:

Math, Grade 11

Math, Grade 12

Advanced Functions, Grade 12

Calculus and Vectors, Grade 12

Biology, Grade 11 and 12

Physics, Grade 11 and 12

Chemistry, Grade 11 and 12

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What is Included in the Program Tuition

We understand the logistical challenges behind educational travel and that is why we have put together a complete package that makes your life easier and ensures your trip will run smoothly from start to finish. As a student, your job is to learn, and enjoy a wonderful adventure, while our job is to teach and to take care of the logistics of your journey. The list below is what we provide before you depart, while you’re abroad, and upon your return.

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