En Route a Londres!

We were up nice and early today. Nothing out of the ordinary, to be fair, but this time we were on the move! After hopping on the bus by 8 am, we began our day of travel.

IMG_0329On the way to London we made a meaningful stop at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, a site dedicated to the memory of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces members killed during World War 1. It also serves as the place of commemoration for First World War Canadian soldiers killed or presumed dead in France who have no known grave.  The air was crisp, the rain lightly pattering, and the air solemn as we made our way to the steps at the base of the memorial to reflect on the sacrifice made by Canadians on the very ground upon which we were standing. Around us, the ground looked almost normal, but tell-tale pockmarks everywhere revealed the secrets of the past devastation in this area. We took some time to journal, and then had a brief lesson about poetry writing before making our way back to the bus.

We arrived in London at the Marlin at about 7:00 PM. A fresh dinner challenge awaited the students this evening- they were sent to the grocery store to make their own purchases with which to cook their evening meal! It is practice for tomorrow, when they will cook for their teachers. Wish them luck! We are already quite confident, especially since we overheard some ecstatic conversations between out MEI grocery-shoppers! Sarah, Shaelynn, Mira, and Laura are planning on making some fondue, and Ethan, Daniel, Taylor and Kai really managed to get the best bang for the buck, returning with an array of fresh fruit, milk, pasta, and all sorts of other goodies.

Tomorrow we will visit Camden Locks and have our second book chat sessions with the novel High Fidelity! ‘Til then!

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