Exploring our New Home

IMG_9734We have settled into a nice IMG_9748routine over the last couple of days — steeped in academics and getting to know the Honey Badger community. Yesterday morning we joined Joey and Sophia on a tour of the lodge. As we were made aware of our surroundings, and some of the local initiatives the lodge is involved with, the staff welcomed us with open arms. The highlight of the tour was definitely our meet and greet with the tortoises! It wasn’t long after initial “Jambo’s” that the tortoises had found new homes in the hands of the students, as they became the stars of many a photo-op.

IMG_9744On the academic front, students have donned their anthropologist hats, writing anthropological studies of rituals in their daily lives (showering, going to the gym, holidays, uploading pictures to social media, etc.).

With love from the foothills of Kilimanjaro,

The 2016 JTA Family

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