Hike Day

Today was unlike any day that we have had thus far. We spent several hours as a cohesive unit on a hike led by our wonderful local guide, Tom. The sights were really something, and the challenge something more. We climbed from peak to peak, through emerald valleys, chased mountain goats, and descended steep slopes, finishing with a visit to a large cavern nestled in the side of the hills. We could definitely feel out hamstrings and glutes working!exploring

I think the most magical part of this, aside from the mesmerizing views, was the time that we got to spend together. Often in the cities we spend time as a group, but there are so many things around to distracts us- shops, restaurants, buskers, signage, gardens, statues, and Pokemon ( don’t worry, we are working on getting the students to play less Pokemon games!). Out on the hike, there wasn’t anything like this.

ericThere was instead a unifying experience, and I think we got to know each other much better and appreciate one another much more as we engaged in meaningful conversation and a shared appreciation for what was around us.


Here’s what some of the students had to say about their adventures:

The landscape was truly spectacular; the Lake District national park is like the European New Zealand – Eric

I enjoyed going into the cave the most! It was a cool relief after all the hard work– Daniel

I enjoyed the beautiful scenery – Matt

It was bomb – Tom ( ever the academic!)

The scenery was quite visually pleasing – Aiden ( who, by the way, was SO fast as he scrambled over these peaks! It was really something to see.)

The cave and views were beautiful – Cole

I enjoyed the beautiful surroundings  – Ollie

And there you have it! I think this excursion gets 5 stars. Tomorrow will be quite different in that it will be a very academic day with short story explications and our final book chat session, which the students are busy preparing for this evening. Send good vibes their way . :) Goodnight!


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