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We recognize that guidance counselors play an invaluable role for students, providing them with the materials they need to make informed decisions about their futures both academically and otherwise. It is for this reason that when students approach you about international education, we would like to provide you with all of the information you need at your fingertips about MEI’s programs that are run in conjunction with the Upper Grand District School Board to properly equip you and your students.

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What to do when a student inquires about MEI:

When a student applies to our program:

Students who apply to an MEI program are not automatically admitted into a program. Before acceptance into the program, MEI and the Upper Grand will review the following:

  • Academic average (A mid to high 70’s entrance average)
  • Names of two teacher references
  • Student’s self-evaluation form
  • An interview (for full year, trimester and semester students only)

When a student applies to our program, we request they provide us with a copy of their academic transcript in order to ensure they will be able to keep up with the academic rigour of our courses. You can expect an MEI applicant to approach the guidance office for a copy of their transcript. Once a student is accepted, they will be registered with the Upper Grand District School Board for their summer or semester course.

When a student returns from an MEI Program:

At the end of the programs, both Full-Semester and Summer students receive a full anecdotal report card along with a breakdown of their term and culminating marks. This documentation will be mailed directly to the student’s home.

In addition, the Upper Grand District School Board will send a copy of each student’s final marks to:

  • The student
  • The home school
  • OUAC (Ontario University Applications Centre – if applicable)

Final marks for Semester students will be sent to your office by the end of June; Summer student’s marks will be sent out in early September. The Upper Grand District School Board will send you documentation with marks. You can expect to receive this information by late June for Semester students, late September for Summer students. Once this documentation is received, courses can be added to students’ academic records by using mident #994294.

If you have any questions about our programs, feel free to call our office at +1 (905) 880 1492.

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