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What We Provide

We understand that your time is valuable, and that your job is to teach, not create promotional material, book travel, or take care of applications and fees. That is why we have put together a complete package that makes your life easier, and ensures your trip will run smoothly from start to finish. Below is a list of what we provide before you depart, while you’re abroad and upon your return.


  • Promotional Material including Brochure, Poster, Email Campaign. See Below.
  • Interactive textbook shared with each student prior to the trip.
  • Handling of application and payment processing.
  • Pre-departure orientation session for students and parents.
  • Booking and scheduling of the itinerary including flights, hotels, and transportation.
  • Support Staff prior to and during the trip.

During the trip

  • All logistical details involving hotels and transportation.

After the trip

  • Processing of marks towards university applications.
  • Report card generation and remittance to students and parents.

What You Provide

As the lead teacher on this trip, you will be responsible for getting students excited about joining you and MEI on this great adventure. You have unique access to your students and can pique their interest about studying abroad in ways others cannot.


  • Attendance of pre-departure orientation session for students and parents.
  • Minimum 8 confirmed student referrals.

During the trip

  • Sole responsibility for student safety.
  • Deliver all teaching material in a fun and effective manner.
  • Grading and feedback.

After the trip

  • Final assessment submitted to MEI Academy.

 Available Courses


English in England and France

Study English in Paris, London, Oxford, the Lake District and Edinburgh.


French in France and Switzerland

Study French in Paris, Annecy, the Swiss Alps, Avignon and Nice

2016 MEI Web Splash Empires

World History to the 15th Century in Italy
Study World History to the 15th Century in Athens, Peloponnese, Rome, Tuscany and Florence.
study abroad, high school, english, England

Castle Program - English

Study English at Herstmonceux Castle, London and Oxford.

2015 MEI Web Splash Castle History

Castle Program - History

Study History at Herstmonceux Castle, London Paris and Munich.

2015 MEI Web Splash Castle IB Prep

Castle Program - IB Prep

Prepare for your IB essay at Herstmonceux Castle and London.

09 Siem Reap Day 6 (10.30.13)-8458

World Issues in Asia
Study World Issues in Beijing, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Cambodia.


World Issues in Africa

Study World Issues in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, on safari, and at an outreach project in Tanzania.


Biology in Central America

Study Biology on the beaches and in the jungles of Belize and Costa Rica.

 Application Form

Example Promotions Package

2013 Australia Poster Exemplar

11 x 17 Full Colour Poster

2015 Australia Brochure Exemplar CYOC

2014 MEI Mini Brochure Australia2

2-Fold Full Colour Brochure

2013 Australia Email Exemplar

Customized Email Campaign

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