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One Course Programs


English Through the Ages
Study English in Paris, London, Oxford, the Lake District and Edinburgh.

France & Switzerland
Study French in Paris, Annecy, the Swiss Alps, Avignon and Nice
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Roman & Greek Empires
Study Classical Civilization in Rome, Palermo, Syracuse and the beaches of Sicily.
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MEI Castle Program - English
Study English at Herstmonceux Castle, London and Oxford.
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MEI Castle Program - History
Study History at Herstmonceux Castle, London, Paris and Munich.
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MEI Castle Program - IB Prep
Prepare for your IB essay at Herstmonceux Castle and London.

Two Course Programs

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Asia Summer Program
Study World Issues and English in Beijing, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Cambodia.


Adventure Down Under
Study Phys Ed and English in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Cairns and Fiji.

Journey to Africa
Study World Issues and English in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, on safari, and at an outreach project in Tanzania.

International Business: East Meets West
Study International Business and English in Toronto, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Beijing.
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Trek Through Europe
Study History and English in London, Paris, Strasbourg, the Swiss Alps, Munich and Prague.

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Ancient World Odyssey
Study Classical Civilization in Rome, Pompeii, Olympia, the Peloponnese, Athens and the Greek Islands.
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Media Production: Europe Through a Lens
Study Media Production and English in London, Paris, Strasbourg, the Swiss Alps, Munich and Prague.

Backpackers: Central America
Study Biology and English on the beaches and in the jungles of Belize and Costa Rica.

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