Make the World Your Classroom


The Best Campus – Guaranteed

What better campus is there than the world? At MEI, we believe that the best education lies in experiencing the world around us where there are no desks, there are no walls – just the world. By expanding the walls of the classroom to encompass the globe, students will expand their minds and their horizons.


The Best Locations

MEI “classrooms” change with each program and location, but invariably include famous landmarks, museums, parks, cathedrals, and other best-kept local secrets. To ensure an authentic cultural experience, students stay in first class hotels that are centrally located in the very heart of each city.

The Best Meals

Eating is a sacred art at MEI. Breakfasts and dinners provide students an opportunity for meaningful discussions revolving around the day’s events and insights discovered through their daily journeys. Whether sitting down at a local restaurant or preparing a picnic in the park, students will enjoy some of the most diverse, delicious and delightful international cuisine of their lives!

The Best Courses and Curriculum

The Upper Grand District School Board accredits all courses offered by MEI International Academy. All courses meet Ministry of Education curriculum standards for senior high school credits. Students will receive transferable course accreditation in accordance with their local school board guidelines. For details on course curriculum, including prerequisites, please visit the “Courses” section of each program.

The Best Teachers and Students

Our unique learning environment requires that we hand-pick our staff based on their academic knowledge and training, ability to fully utilize the most contemporary teaching methods, the extent of their travel experience and, most importantly, their passion for teaching young adults. Our 12-to-1 student to staff ratio allows teachers the time to nurture students individually and provide valuable and inspirational guidance towards the next step in their education. At the end of their journey, students will receive an anecdotal report card detailing their academic and personal performance and growth. Many of our alumni go on to return as faculty members. This provides a consistent ethos that has continued throughout the generations of our programs.

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