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For over a decade, Upper Grand and MEI have been recognized as leaders in international education. Education outside the four walls of a classroom is not our hobby – it is our profession and our passion. Our full-time craft and trade is designing academic lessons that complement the sites we visit. At MEI, we know that knowledge and experience go hand-in-hand. Creating that balance is what we do best.

Best Practice Learning

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Knowledge, Experience and Reflection

With over 20 years of experience in travel and education, we know the benefit of preparation. Each MEI program begins with a preparatory online component. This allows students to hit the ground running as soon as they arrive overseas and dive straight into the culture and history that awaits them.

Real learning begins when knowledge comes alive. Our itinerary infuses the locations we travel to with the academics we study, creating a seamless arc to the journey. Students will put their learning into practice by completing assignments on site that aim to integrate their travel observations and real-world insights.

We believe that knowledge and experience require analysis and reflection in order to be fully utilized. Each course is designed to challenge students to develop their own educational philosophy through opinion and responsive exercises, meaningful conversations, independent study units and personal reflections.

Academic Tools

At MEI, we pride ourselves at being on the cutting edge of technological and educational advancements. To enhance their learning experience, each student will receive a digital course pack featuring course lectures with relevant video and sound clips, assignments, supplemental readings and additional resources. As well, students will record podcasts that are posted online and complete photo and video assignments to showcase their journey.

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In order to get the most out of their international experience, students will participate in a variety of additional activities: From seeing a play at the Globe Theatre; swimming in the Aegean Sea; practising yoga on the beaches of Venice; to trading stocks on the streets of New YorkCity; recording podcasts in the ancient amphitheatres of Greece or playing ultimate Frisbee in the valleys of the Swiss Alps, students are sure to enjoy the incredible experiences made available to them beyond the academic.

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