The Journey Has Begun!

Oh my my, what 24 hours can hold! Tonight our crew sat around the dinner table, our feet in the sand, the beach breeze calming us, as we marveled at all we did today. Time has already expanded.

DissectionOnce we all arrived at the Sheraton in Toronto, we got right down to business with everyone’s favourite activity – dissection! The students were lead through the dissection of a sheep’s brain, and a cow’s eye, where they got to learn about the various components of each organ in between squeamish yelps and fascinated stares. After our first dinner together and some teacher introductions, we tried desperately to get some shut eye for our 4am wake up call, or as I like to call it “madman o’clock”.

Two flights later we stepped out into warm, lush Belize, the size of our smiles matched only by the size of our frizzing hair. We waited for our bus to arrive, playing cards and chatting with friendly, inquisitive locals. Shortly after, our driver showed up in a big yellow school bus, blaring reggae, dance hall, and r&b music. He was full of life and pride, explaining that if we want to live like true Belizeans we need to do three things:

  1. Speak Creole i.e. “wuttagwan” = what’s going on?
  2. Eat rice and beans.
  3. Dance!!

We boarded a ferry, and about half an hour later we finally arrived at Caye Caulker. Blue water, palm trees, and white sand, oh my! After we docked we were greeted by several friendly merchants; one urged us to buy his freshly made coconut bread and cinnamon buns. (I plan on buying an entire tub of buns tomorrow.) Tired and sweaty, the crew agreed it was time to quickly check in at the hotel, put our bathing suits on and go for a swim. And so we did! We found a dock to jump from, where a couple of local kids showed off their impressive back flips and dives.

A quick shower later, we headed to dinner and got a chance to catch our breath and take in all that we’ve done today. The sheer back and forth of travelling is exhausting, but I think it’s safe to say we’re invigorated by all the new sights and sounds. Tonight our Backpackers are studying for tomorrow’s Biology test. May visions of sheep brains dance in their heads.

Ending a tiring day with a swim in warm Caye Caulker waters.

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