The Mona Lisa and Napoleon’s Tomb

This morning we jogged to the Centre Pompidou for morning Yoga & Frisbee. After breakfast we traveled to the Louvre to beat the crowds and gaze our eyes upon the famous Mona Lisa.

Once our senses were satisfied by all of the famous works of art, we took a walk to Napoleon’s tomb for our history lesson.

Adding to the story of the French Revolution we learned the importance of Napoleon and his military strategies that led to so many of his successes. Students got into debate groups and were assigned a task of strategically arguing whether or not Napoleon was a Hero or a Villain. After our lesson we got into the spirit as we were each gifted with a Napoleon hat before heading into his Tomb. The grandeur of the building itself as well as the tomb that houses Napoleon was not lost upon us.
After lunch we reconvened for our English lesson – a follow up to “Attacking the Essay”. Students had time to work on their Napoleon debate this evening – we can’t wait to see them in action tomorrow!

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