The Old, New World Order

We had a smooth exit from Munich yesterday morning and rolled into Prague, Czech Republic in the early evening, after the most productive bus ride thus far — great work, team! With a Close Viewing Analysis due for grading, a Kafkaesque graphic novel to devour, and sections of their History ISU to chip away at, the crew had their work cut out for them :) The focus was SO intense that you could hear a pin drop on the rumbling bus…

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.21.03 AMWe began our time in Prague with a sonnet workshop, coming full circle since our Shakespeare explorations back in London. With Ben’s first day spent feeling under the weather (and on his birthday, at that), numerous classmates decided to make him the subject of their practice sonnets. Bill Shakes ain’t got nothin’ on us! Nick, too, took a chance in front of his peers, performing a sonnet worthy of Sir Philip Sidney’s unrequited love. After the workshop, we descended into the wonderfully preserved old town of Prague. We took some time to get our bearings and after small group dinners, we reconvened on the middle of the world famous Charles Bridge, speckled between the classical musicians, local artists, and swarming tourists going this way and that. Together we made the uphill trek back home to Hotel Pyramida where we settled in before a late night room-check.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.15.01 AMAs a result of the later bedtime and the amount of work we needed to accomplish today, we met for breakfast at 8am, followed by morning note and lecture by the vibrant Lennon Wall. Back in the 60s when Prague was under a brutal Communist regime, students (much like our own!) would come at night to paint John Lennon lyrics, anti-government slogans, and most especially wishes for peace and freedom upon this very wall. Though now appropriated by tourists from around the world, it still carries important messages for a better tomorrow. And speaking of, our last Building a Better Tomorrow (on the Cuban Missile Crisis) is tonight! We’re excited to see how this crew makes sense of, and teaches their peers about, the world’s most dangerous game of chicken EVER.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.12.50 AMSteve’s lecture on the last 70 years of our history brought the course full circle with the discussion of the parallels between Cold War fears and the current crisis of terrorism. We left them with the challenge of being intentional with the type of future they vote for, create, and support. In the words of Lennon – “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

The crew is supah-dupah busy prepping for their ISU interview – creative pieces, a one-on-one BookChat prep, journal reflections, analytical pieces, and so on and so forth – before we gather in a park by the river for the BaBT Cuban Missile Crisis’ evening and another climb to Zzzz.

Tomorrow ISU interviews commence, as well as studying for the final exams and one last English-Media assignment, inspired by Prague’s own Franz Kafka. More on this tomorrow!

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