The Six Foot Track

What a whirlwind of hiking the past two days have been! The first 20km of the Six Foot Track took us through majestic rolling hills and to beautiful lookout points. Our tour guides, Dan and Pamela, provided us with an abundance of information about the native trees, plants, and animals – they even pointed out our first sightings of wallabies and kangaroos (a wallaby is a smaller version of a kangaroo.) Some of us got a little wet during our river crossings with William even taking a bath, but because the sun was scorching above us we embraced the cool water!  ADU-2016-07-19-56

We spent the night at an incredible Eco-Lodge where we had a delicious BBQ dinner, did our first podcast (city tweets about Sydney), tweaked essays, and finished the night off with a campfire and Australian folk songs (#Waltzing Matilda.)

ADU-2016-07-19-150We woke up to the pitter-patters of rain, but that did not hinder our hiking spirits. We left the Eco-Lodge in the pouring rain and hiked another 7.5km through Australian rainforest. We crossed a swing suspension bridge that stretches over the steep banks of the Coxs River. The rain didn’t let up at all throughout our hike so by the time we reached our destination everyone was completely soaked (but still smiling and having a great time!) That, however, did not stop a brave seven of us: William, Ailish, Jensen, Cameron, Theo, and Kendra decided to hike another 7.5km to where we would be staying our second night in the Blue Mountains.

Shout out to everyone who voluntarily helped clean up from breakfast and dinner!!

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