The Story Begins…

Hello Parents, family, and friends!

We are off! The many months leading up to this course have commenced in a lot of excitement from our MEI international business students. Albeit, quiet excitement at first. However, that “at first” was definitely just that. Friendships are already blossoming and the most common noise heard now can be that of laughter!  The story of this trip is truly just beginning.

2016-07-12-mei-international-business-Toronto-152-mei-international-academy-travel-study-abroad-international-baccalaueat-advanced-placement-go-abroad-educationOur day in Toronto, although a convenient meeting place, was not a waste in any sense of the word. After a brief introduction we were on our way to King St. to Caldwell Securities where students heard from the President and owner Tom Caldwell himself. Tom is quite the story teller and in each of his stories is a wealth of knowledge one cannot get from a textbook. Stories ranged from a couples terrible decision to attend a wedding in Sault St. Marie, to Tom’s accidentally public apology to a fellow classmate he was in a fight with when he was just 7 years old, to making that 30 year long journey across Wall st. Tom proved the importance of storytelling as it provides the listener with a better understanding of an individual, their behaviours, and the code they live by.

Over dinner it was time to discuss the stories students have been pondering over the past month. We split up into our three foundation book chat groups and hit up the esplanade for much needed food. At the same time students devoured their meals, themes, motifs, and hidden gems relating to each book were devoured just as well. The layers of each text were stripped away, dissected, and analyzed thoughtfully by all groups, and all of us teachers were very impressed with the effort given by each student. As english teachers we believe in foreshadowing, and therefore have a strong inkling that this only going to get better from here.

An early morning wake up call, a quick breakfast, and we were off to New York by bus! The students are feeling many different emotions as we enter our first destination. How do we know this? 30 second selfie-videos of course! As part of their capture of the day they were to express their feelings in a 30 second self involved, narcissistic, and selfie-stick aided video.

Throw in some of Emma’s now notorious physical interpretation of waves, Bojan’s sick dance moves, and an unexpected birthday cake surprise for an unknown person by the name of “Kirby”, some intense games of world domination and you can already see some of the layers our this MEI story unfold. It’s off to the Big Apple where, if many famous writers are correct, the story will only get more interesting…

Blog Update*** We have now safely arrived in New York City and are getting ready for an Italian feast at Carmines. The city is a buzz and so are we!***

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