The World’s a Stage

July 17th 2016:

Today was a very busy day. Like I mentioned yesterday, we began our day with a visit to Tate Modern art museum. I’m not going to talk too much about that because I would rather spend this space ranting and raving about the Shakespeare performances the students did this afternoon!

SpyAfter studying Macbeth, the students were split into groups of 5-6 people and they were given an act of the play to rework into a three-minute modernized performance. They could change the setting and the language, but they had to hold on to the thematic essence of their assigned part. We teachers weren’t sure what to expect, but we were very pleasantly surprised with the results! For act 1, Shaelynn, Sarah, James, Kai, Brayden, and Ollie took the stage, turning Macbeth into a high school football drama (complete with the boys playing prophesising cheerleaders! Lots of giggles happening then!).  Sarenna, Ryan, Thomas, Aiden, Taylor, and Maya continued on the tails of scene 1, also transforming their part into a high school sports team drama. The gears changed in act 3 with Ethan, Makayla, Reese, Reed, Mira, and Jared altering the cast of Macbeth into an agency of spies (accompanied by some James Bond tunes!). Act 4 was made over into a morning news broadcast featuring Alicia, Ellen, Cole, Laura, Daniel, and Eric. Finally, to top it all off, act 5 was converted in an epic thug style scenario played out by Matt, Dora, Spencer, Charles, and Dana ( complete with a rap battle between Matt and Spencer, with some pretty fantastic beat boxing by Charles!) We had an amazing time laughing and admiring the student’s hard work this afternoon. We capped off the day with a family-style Italian dinner and a final trip to the Globe theatre to see their professional rendition of Macbeth, which by the way was very, very well done.

Tomorrow is our last day in London, so we will be getting up nice and early to go and see the remaining major tourist sites which we still need to visit. In the afternoon, the students will be shooting videos on location throughout London for their rant assignment, trying to capture the perfect setting to complement their arguments- wish them luck!

Goodnight :)

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