Une Visite au Louvre

What is your favourite piece of art? Why, exactly, is it your favourite? Maybe you…

like the colours?; like the materials?; like the meaning and story it reveals?; know a bit about how it came to exist and think it’s a pretty neat piece?

2016-07-12-mei-ETTA-Paris-5773-mei-international-academy-travel-study-study-abroad-international-baccalaureat-advanced-placement-go-abroad-educationAll of the above are valid reasons. But, since we’re in class and we are exploring the concept of a story, the students were asked to focus on just that! We visited the Louvre museum today, with its extensive collection of European and world art, its maze of hallways, and its tourists packed in like ants in a colony. Our little workers marched their way around with finesse in small groups with their eyes out for the prize: a piece with piqued the interest of all in the group. Upon uncovering this gem (and of course, exploring the other beauties the museum has to offer!) they headed out to the cafes along Rue de Rivoli and began to plot. Their job today was to brainstorm the beginnings of a podcast featuring their selection. A plethora of great ideas were flying about this evening as we sat down to discuss over dinner in Montmartre after visiting Sacre- Coeur. For example, Dana, Matt, Cole and Brayden have decided to personify their artwork, explaining its history from the perspective of the art itself as its surroundings and purpose changed over the years. ( Sorry! Can’t yet reveal which work they chose… there is too much competition out there at this point in time 😛 ).

It’s hard to believe that we only have one more day left in Paris. But, we will be making the most of it by starting the morning with a walk/jog up the Eiffel tower! Wish us luck :).

‘Til next time!

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