You Can’t Rain on Our Parade… I mean Picnic

Our day started with the winning team of last nights dinner picnic competition getting some well deserved extra sleep and the option to do our morning note in bed this morning before heading to breakfast! Luckily this time it was my group that won so everyone has had a sleep in now!

After our breakfasts in Paris (croissants and bread), our expectations had definitely been lowered, so the food at this hotel in Annecy feels like a feast! I sure hope the other hotels meet our now higher standards for breakfast food!

After our lovely breakfast, we met up with the other group who were outside writing their morning notes and had our lesson on a curved stone staircase where we could see pretty buildings with balconies decorated by flowers. We learned about the relief of the region and the food specialities of the region.

We were working on our lesson until the rain started so we took refuge and underneath the store front across from us and then went back to the stone steps for the rain let up. For lunch we had a project: we were to go to the market in 2 groups and sample and order local specialities for our lunch picnic. After gathering the items we had lunch in the Jardins de l’Europe with the beautiful view of the mountains in the background. We got to talk to the people selling the food and learn all about where and how it was made. People were super nice and enthusiastic and helpful except for one guy who wasn’t pleased when we moved a fruit container without asking but hey, c’est la vie!

For the picnic we got a selection cheese, meat, bread, fruit and even nougat. The cheese (Beaufort) was so good! We really enjoy your lunch and everything was great until the rain returned. Of course… so we pulled everything under a tree and waited for the rain to be over.

After finishing up our picnic we rushed back to the hotel and had some free time to get some work done and relax. Following our free time we had our discussions for our non-literary texts, which got a little heated between Jen and Madison on the topic of the Olympics! Overall, the discussions went really well and we had a lot to say afterwards!

For dinner we had the opportunity to choose what we wanted so one group got pizza and the other got sushi and and then wandered the market. We tried on clothes (shout out to Madison who ended up getting a really pretty dress) and then we met up with Elaine and Ayana at 9 and they treated us to ice cream and we are back to the hotel for an early night!

Overall, a memorable day in Annecy, despite the rain, there were a lot of laughs and memories made. I don’t want to leave this city!

– Alison

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